creating distinctive, timeless and intuitive design solutions


amk STUDIO was formed in 2009 with the goal of providing high quality architectural design solutions and services to a growing list of referred and repeat clients and consultants. Our founding partners alone have over 40 years of collective experience in the building industry. Together with our associates, we have designed and managed award winning residential and mixed-use projects across California, the Western United States, and abroad. With staff located in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, amk STUDIO is commited to producing designs with integrity, environmental sensistivity, and quality.


creating distinctive, timeless and intuitive design solutions…

distinctive: Unique and innovative designs are a result of amk STUDIO‘s creative team approach and ability to problem solve. Extensive collaboration with our clients, consultants and contractors generate designs of integrity that marry form and function…where the client’s criteria is met as efficiently and elegantly as possible, achieving quality in every aspect, including usability, budget, style, and sustainability.

timeless: Our proficiency with a wide range of architectural styles does not limit us to any one. Every project at amk STUDIO begins with research into the local setting and the subsequent design will be what the project “wants” to be and what the client likes, and not a forced rendition of any trendy aesthetic. Solutions incorporate timeless design methods of light/space, indoor/outdoor continuity, and environmentally responsive passive lighting and ventilation, capturing opportunities that produce an air of authenticity and timelessness in any project.

intuitive: A successful design culminates from our ability to “think like the client” while also designing for the most holistic, and optimal use of the site based on our expertise. Involvement throughout the design process from our LEED Accredited Professionals allows us to achieve solutions that are both aesthetically and environmentally sensitive to their surroundings. When the finished product lives as well as we had envisioned, then we’ve done our job.